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Cross Cutting

O U R  W O R K

DuPre Site Services gives each project the personalized attention it deserves. We work side by side with our clients in order to understand their vision and address their concerns while adhering to the agreed-upon budget. Check out some recent projects below and get in touch for more information.

Land Clearing

Land clearing involves clearing the brush, cutting down and hauling away large trees, and removing the stumps. Then we transform the terrain by digging up unwanted rocks, filling in large holes with dirt, and then smoothing furrows, and hills. 

The brush can be mulched on site to cover and decompose or hauled off or piled up for you. You can rely on DuPre Site Services' expertise to clear the way. 

Cedar & Mesquite Eradication

Our trained team of professionals will help you solve your cedar and mesquite problems- guaranteed!

Cedar Mulching

The mulching technique will leave you with a “park like” feel. The mulch left behind will prevent erosion of the soil and will eventually decompose. It is also beneficial for remaining trees and native grasses as it will seal in moisture and return nutrients back into the earth's soil. We are also able to relocate the mulch to another location if you prefer. 

NO piles left behind, NO burn rings, & NO haul off.


Grubbing refers to the removal of the roots that remain in the soil after clearing. Grubbing removes logs, brush, and debris. We typically place the uprooted vegetation into piles so it can be mulched at a later time. Piles of vegetation can be left for the property owner to burn in a safe and controlled environment for a later day or it can be left behind for wildlife.

Cedar Trees have become a nuisance throughout the Central Texas region. While Cedar Trees are native, they are also invasive and can choke out other desirable trees such as Oak and Elm, and compete for their water. Just one mature cedar tree can consume up to 33 gallons of water per day! 

Creek & Stock Pond Construction

Enhance the value of your property! DuPre Site Services can build or repair your stock pond and/or creek. 


We can help maintain and enhance your current body of water or start a stock pond from scratch. The stock pond construction process includes making sure that the pond will be efficiently located and completely safe for the wildlife habitat that depends on it. 

Deer | Cattle | Horse | Goats | Fish | Vegetation  

If properly located and installed, a stock pond can be more than just water. It can become a key part of the natural system on your ground while enhancing the value of your property.