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Transform Your Land with DuPre’s Top-Notch Pasture Shredding Service

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

We are DuPre Site Services, your local experts in land and waste management. Fully insured and experienced, we specialize in land restoration, offering a variety of services aimed at land improvement.

In the counties of Hays, Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell, Guadalupe, and Comal, many landowners face challenges with overgrowth of unwanted vegetation. If you're one of them, we've got the solution for you: our high-quality pasture shredding service.

Now, what is pasture shredding? In short, it's our way of helping you reclaim your property. We mow down and shred the overgrown brush and unwanted trees. The shredded material is left in place, acting as a natural mulch. This mulch adds nutrients back into the soil, promoting the growth of grasses and beneficial plants.

This method is cost-effective and excellent for habitats that have been overrun by invasive species. The shredded material left behind not only nourishes your land, but also saves you the cost and hassle of haul-off. It's a win-win!

But pasture shredding is just one of the services we provide. Whether you need dumpster rentals, land clearing, cedar and mesquite eradication, or creek and stock pond construction, we have you covered. Our approach is to partner with you, developing a plan that helps achieve your land improvement goals while respecting your budget and timeline.

In a nutshell, our pasture shredding service is a great way to take control of your land again. If you're in Central Texas and you're dreaming of a clear, beautiful property, let's make it a reality together. Give DuPre Site Services a call today, and let's get to work. Your land deserves the best, and we're here to deliver it. Learn more at:

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