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How does the Lot Clearing Process Work

When transforming a property, lot clearing is an excellent solution. It is a process that consists of new construction, shrubs and tree removal to clear the plot of the area and make way for renovation and other similar activities. Read on to find out what the process entails and how professionals offer lot clearing services.

Steps Involved in the Lot Clearing Process

Getting the Site Ready

Site preparation is the first step in clearing any piece of land. Though it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, it is an essential step. It requires specific tools and equipment and the expertise of a qualified arborist. The job's size depends on the plot's area, the surrounding structures or hardscapes that may need to be cleared, and the soil type.

Stump Grinding and Removal

There are ways to deal with tree stumps according to the professionals:

  • Grind them to the soil level to avoid obstructing future work.

  • Stump removal should be done completely.

In many cases, underground pipes, gas lines, wires, and irrigation lines must be worked around. The experts know to plan and execute this step in the best way.

Tree Removals

Maintaining your property's natural beauty can be accomplished through this selective process. Mark the trees and shrubs that should be removed and those that can be left. To ensure minimal damage and reduce the chance of mishaps, specific equipment is required, and leftover debris must be removed.

Right-of-Way Clearing

Clearing the land is essential to ensure smooth functioning and avoid unnecessary delays. It can help make room for maintenance equipment and allow utility trucks easy access to the site.

Grading the Land

Filling holes in the cleared land is the next step in the lot-clearing process. Compaction and evenness of the top layer of soil are ensured by it. Add more soil if required to smoothen the ground.

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